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producing films on our reality

Using the skills and processes of film production as the means to bring together youth to produce films on their reality within Toronto. We work with youth age 18-29, coming from different neighborhoods working collaboratively to share ideas and produce a film project, all while developing new relationships with each other and service providers, and ultimately, increase their sense of capacity and self worth.

Here are some new films from our young people. These films are not based on any true events, but are stories that they can relate to.  



Story by The Film Stars Project, Produced in 2018-19.

A 7 part series about Samantha and James relationship. After things comes to end between Samantha and James, she comes up with an idea on how to get him back, but it involves doing something devious. Close friends to the both of them, are impacted by what she does, but are also dealing with their own problems.


Makeup documentary

Produced in 2018

A small documentary about the work that our makeup artist done with our young people. You will get a chance to hear the impact the program had on them, and also hear from our makeup artist, Misty Fox.



Produced in 2019

A short documentary interviewing a diverse group of girls on how they see beauty. All of the girls in this video took part in Film Stars exhibit “Perception”. You can view their pictures and stories at