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producing films on our reality

Using the skills and processes of film production as the means to bring together youth to produce films on their reality within Toronto. We work with youth age 18-29, coming from different neighborhoods working collaboratively to share ideas and produce a film project, all while developing new relationships with each other and service providers, and ultimately, increase their sense of capacity and self worth.

Here are some of our major films that our young people produced over the years. These films are not based on any true events, but are stories that they can relate to.  

me and you.jpg

Me & you

Story by Mat Plummer, Produced in 2011.

The film is about Juelz, a young man who spent two years in jail, and after coming out tries to get back with his girlfriend but has no luck. So he ends up falling back into old habits, and this time ends up in a situation that will change his life forever! Click the link to see the trailer. Currently we our sold out of this film!


City of no hope

Story by Laura Worth & Mat Plummer, Produced in 2014

Feeling lost in the world after the death of her brother. Cammy La'Rose is trying to find meaning in life. Trying to escape out of The City of No Hope, and change her life for the better, she now has to deal with her past that may harm the people that she cares about most. Click the link to see the trailer. To order a copy of this film please email



Story by Laura Worth & Allisha Brown, Produced in 2015

Transfigure is a short film that follows the life of Camella Young, a girl that made the wrong choices in life but now wants to make a change for the better but doesn't know how. This film was in partnership with The City of Toronto. Click the link to see the film.