The Film Stars Project, is a youth-led non-profit organization that works with youth coming from traumatized neighborhoods that are often forgotten and misrepresented, and teaching them the steps of filmmaking and having them produce films on their reality so people can get a better understanding of their world and their struggles. The project gives young people the opportunity to learn the various skills required to produce film, either documentary, newscast, or feature film. It also provides skill training in photography and make-up for film and photography.

Through involvement in The Films Stars Project youth are introduced to industry equipment, all aspects of film production, and acting/ performing skills. These youth are taught the fundamentals, and through development and rehearsal, are able to produce short films, feature films, and newscasts. In addition to the technical skills that these youth participants gain, they are in a group of their peers, where negotiation, problem-solving and communication skills are constantly being practiced and adapted during the process of producing the film.

We aim to guide the participating youth through all aspects of film production to develop the skills to bring their own ideas alive on film. The workshop series will focus on the conceptualization of ideas and the development of images of high aesthetic and technical quality. Emphasis will be placed on encouraging the youth to hone their creativity to produce a myriad of narratives, from simple to complex, concluding with the production of various works. Participants attend screenings of contemporary, independent works produced by local and international artists, as well as the works resulting from past participants. From the start of the program until the end the youth will learn:

  • Handling, maintenance, and operation of cameras, lighting equipment, audio mixers and recording devices

  • Foundations of cinematography (lighting, shot angels, aesthetic balance)

  • Storyboard development

  • Scriptwriting and scene development

  • Performance, acting, vocal projection techniques and tips

  • Post production and final product assembly, developing introductory and advanced skills using editing software, specifically, Final Cut